Saturday, June 11, 2016


This was the palace's indoor playing field.  I loved the texture of the stucco where the relief was made by scratching out the background.

Only the facade was cleaned.  The rest of this cathedral was back. with age

St. Charles Bridge

Danube River

We saw 3 different couples posing under this famous clock.  At 3 PM it chimed 15 times and the little figures came out.  Actually it was 15 O'clock since we were in Europe.

Alan got a great deal for $77 fare from Budapest to Prague.  Here is the reason why.

We found this plaque of Tom Lantos at the Prague airport.


View from our hotel

They were having a ballet here when we walked past but there were no more tickets.  We were also dresses so very casual so I guess that was a good thing.

There was a cute little metro system just one story under the roads.  We bought a 24 hour pass so we could jump on and off this, buses, and the regular tube system deep under.

Groups of men would rent these traveling bars that they had to pedal.  By the time their hour was over everyone was totally drunk.

Our king sized bed was like sleeping on a cloud in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

I loved the patterns in this cathedral.  All the walls were also painted with patterns.

Hungary specialized in embroidered lace products and also paprika.

These moving steps were at a 45 degree angle and moving so fast. on the way to the tube.